Permanent makeup
At Beauty Expert we believe in diversity! Every face is beautiful and deserves to have it's own identity. We choose the color, shape and a complete look that will suit personally to you.Thats why you will not find 2 same brows/lips/eyeliner on our clients. We don't fallow trends that change every year, but help you to enhance your own, unique beauty. Get your personal "natural look" with Beauty Expert!

We are registed at Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed and follow the latest rules and regulations in
Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup may be for you if:

• If your brows are too short, too narrow or too light, missing hair or asymmetrical.

• You have a difficult time applying makeup and it never comes up perfect or the same.

• You would like to have more defined look at any time of the day (and night) without everyday make up hustle.

• You have allergies to traditional makeup or have sensitive skin, etc.

• You can swim, exercise, shower and wake up looking fresh and ready to go. It can be ideal for the woman who is constantly on the go.

During the consultation, you can select the shades of your permanent makeup, and we will sketch the areas on your skin to be pigmented. The pigment is applied to the top layer of skin only, which makes it safe in case you want to go back to your natural look: without a touch up pigment will completely fade in 4-6 month.
It takes about three weeks for the pigment to fade to the color you selected. During this time your skin will heal completely, removing excess color on the way. That is why it is required to get a touch up within 4-6 week after the first procedure: to fill up all the spaces with lost color, get a fuller and complete look, increase your permanent makeup "lifetime" from 6 month to 1.5-2 years!

How to get ready for Permanent Makeup
1. Don't drink any caffeine or have sugar the morning of your procedure as this makes your nerve endings more sensitive and prevents you from numbing as well. Don't take any Ibuprophen, fish oil, or Aspirin for 10 days before you come as these products thin out your blood, which will make you bleed. Its also good to skip an alcohol the night before the permanent makeup.

2. Eyeliner: Come with your eyeliner on so I can see how you normally wear it, but don't wear any mascara. You can bring your eyeliner pencil too. If you have eyelash extensions you will need to remove them 48 hours before the procedure.

3. Eyebrows: Come with your eyebrows drawn on, just the way you like them. We will reshape them for you to make sure they compliment your eyes and face the best. I will make sure you approve before we start. Also, bring your eyebrow pencil so we can match the color.

4. Lips: Bring your favorite lipstick color or a few that you like the best and I will do my best to match it. If you have ever had a cold sore, get medication and take it the day before, the day of, and the day after.

5. After the procedure you will be consulted about after care for each zone you have got a permanent makeup on.

Our pigments
In permanent makeup it's very important not only result, but also a safety of the procedure! In our clinic we only use certified EU REACH pigments, that are produced and certified in compliance with EU regulations.

Together with sterile one-time use needles and supporting tools it provides complete safety during the Permanent MakeUp procedure.

• Herpes
• Sun damage
• Ulcer/Volnus (defective skin or mucosal surface exposing the underlying tissue)
• Long-term use of certain medications (anticoagulants, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, other hormonal drugs), external agents (abrasive peelings, acids, topical retinoids).
• Within seven days of beauty procedures (anti-wrinkle, fillers, collagen)
• Inflammation of the eye
• Sty
• Contact Lenses
• Eczema
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