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Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. In our clinic you can choose various materials of lash extensions, as well as it's lenght, curl and thickness to get the most desirable look: from a casual everyday look to more intense and dramatic look. We do everything for your lashes to look stunning every day and hold several weeks, but you can also extend the lifetime of your lash extensions by following basic rules.
Before procedure
1. Remove your eye makeup and mascara at least 30 min before the procedure.
2. If you need to tint your lashes, please do it at least 48 hours prior.
3. Don't be late: the procedure must be finished at a certain time, so the time will be taken from your own procedure. Better come 5-10 min prior and get extra cervice. If you know you might be late - please take a minute to text or call so your lash specialist know when to wait for you.
4. Come alone. If you bring your relatives or friends they will not be able to stay next to you and will need to spend over 1,5 hour in a waiting area, while you will be relaxing and enjoying your procedure.
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After procedure
1. Keep your lashes dry for at least 24 hours after procedure.
2. Try to avoid eye makeup, training, hot yoga, sauna or swimmimng for at least 48 hours after procedure.
3. Don't brush your eyelashes when they are wet. Let them dry o its own, dont try ro rub them with the towel or cotton pads.
4. Don't use mascara when you have eyelash extensions on.
5. Use only oil-free makeup and makeup remover around the eyes.
6. Try not to sleep with the face down, you might damage or even break your lashes.
7. Approximately 30% of your own lashes renew each month and therefore it is normal that some of the lashes will fall off.
8. Do not remove the lashes yourself, as you risk breaking your own lashes.
9. We recommend a small refill approximately every 14 days. Durability is very individual, and sometimes your eyelash extensions can last longer.
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